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Business Plan Writing Course

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Course Name: Learning Business Plan Writing.

Batch: 24M0001.

Start Date: (25 May 2024).

Course Duration: ( 6 weeks Total 12 Classes. 2 Hours per class).

Course Fee: 7500 3959 TK.

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Phone: 01716448264

Why atFreelance_Learning:

  • Our aim in to develop 10 million freelancers and enable them to earn through our marketplace.
  • atFreelance is a global freelancing platform, not just a teaching institute.
  • We provide guidance, free video courses, and affordable live skills courses to help you develop as a freelancer.
  • We select skilled and top freelancers from the industry to teach real-world lessons.
  • As your teacher will be a top freelancer in your learning subject, you will benefit from their experience to become a freelancer.

Why Business Plan writing course?

  • Business plan writing is a highly demanded service, as businesses need this document to secure funding from investors.
  • Less competitive, as only students with a business studies background can write it

Course Objectives:

  • Understand the purpose and key components of a business plan.
  • Conduct market research and competitor analysis.
  • Develop a clear and concise value proposition.
  • Write compelling and persuasive content for each section of the plan.
  • Create financial projections and funding requests.
  • Writing business plan effectively.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction to Business Planning

  • What is a Business Plan? (Objectives, types, uses)
  • Key Components of a Business Plan (Overview of each section)
  • The Importance of a Well-Written Plan (Benefits for entrepreneurs and investors)
  • Course Expectations and Learning Outcomes

Module 2: Defining Your Business

  • Developing a Compelling Mission Statement (Purpose, values, impact)
  • Identifying Your Target Market (Demographics, needs, pain points)
  • Understanding Your Competitive Landscape (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Creating a Unique Value Proposition (Differentiating your offering)

Module 3: Market Research and Analysis

  • Conducting Effective Market Research (Primary vs. secondary data, tools and techniques)
  • Analyzing Industry Trends and Growth Potential (Market size, competition, regulations)
  • Understanding Customer Behavior and Segmentation (Targeting the right audience)
  • Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy (Distribution channels, marketing tactics)

Module 4: Writing the Business Plan

  • Structure and Formatting (Executive Summary, Company Description, Market Analysis, Target Market and Customer Segmentation, Revenue Streams, Product or Service Description, Competitive Analysis, Marketing Plan, Management Team, Financial Projections, Funding Requirements, Milestones and Timeline, Exit Strategy, Appendix)
  • Crafting Compelling Content (Writing tips, storytelling techniques, persuasive language)
  • Financial Modeling Basics (Revenue projections, cost estimates, profitability analysis)
  • Tailoring Your Plan to Different Audiences (Investors, partners, lenders)

Module 5: Refining and Presenting Your Plan

  • Proofreading and Editing Techniques (Clarity, conciseness, grammar)
  • Designing Effective Visuals (Charts, graphs, infographics)
  • Preparing for a Pitch (Delivery tips, answering questions confidently)
  • Practice Presentations and Feedback (Refine your pitch and address feedback)

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